12 05, 2021

Op Ed: Why the UK’s Internal Market Act matters to Wales

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The news that the Welsh Government’s legal challenge to the Internal Market Act was refused by the High Court last month may have passed under the radar of many. The development was not widely covered in the mainstream media, and was greeted with fairly little online discussion by the general commentariat.

8 04, 2021

Op Ed: Regulation – a force for good

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While the regular reassurances of the government’s commitment to maintaining public protections are welcome, the raft of deregulatory announcements from inside and around Number Ten in recent months point to a deeper agenda at play.

8 04, 2020

Covid-19: protecting those who protect us

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At times like these we remember just how connected we all are - and how much we depend on one another. While different people are being affected in different ways by the Covid 19 crisis, we all have a stake in tackling it in the best way possible.

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