“I was diagnosed in October of last year as having anaphylaxis to nuts, peanuts and some fruits, so this is all quite new to me.

I had a severe reaction to a pie recently which didn’t list the ingredients I’m allergic to, which made me seriously ill. I don’t think the regulations are strong enough. Every item of food and cosmetics needs all the ingredients listed, not just the main things.

Places need to be checked to show they are cooking food without allergens in, which won’t cause a reaction. Places need to be checked to make sure they have proper procedures to reduce risk of cross-contamination from other foods.

It’s so dangerous eating out. I currently won’t eat out anywhere that has something I’m allergic to on site because there’s too much risk. I don’t trust that places have been checked and that what’s on the label is right. I’m too scared to risk my life in the hope I’d be okay and not react.

I said to my mum; choosing a place to eat out is like playing Russian roulette with my life.”