The erosion of public protections

A huge body of evidence shows that proportionate, well-designed regulation can deliver diverse social, environmental and economic benefits. Strong rules protect the public from market failure, help businesses to do the right thing, and create competitive markets and long-term investment certainty.

The UK already has low levels of regulation by international standards. And yet, over the years, deregulation has been pursued with zeal by successive governments. Government departments are now obliged to meet deregulation targets, while regulators are required to prioritise economic growth over other important social and environmental priorities.

Over the years, genuine public protections – from environmental safeguards, to food standards and employee protections have been weakened, and the capacity of UK regulators to enforce the rules has been systematically eroded.

The deregulation pendulum has swung too far, and, what’s more, most British people agree with us. Alongside our 70 supporting organisations, we make the case for strong rules and protections as the cornerstone of a fair, stable and prosperous society.

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