“I am fortunate enough to live by Northumberland’s stunning coastline. But just over a mile away is Lynemouth beach which has been desecrated by decades of dumping of colliery/power station waste, landfill and cable burning.

A walk along this beach is quite depressing – especially when you look up at the entirely man-made cliff of detritus which is slowly but surely being eroded onto the beach below and into the sea. A problem which is only going to get worse as sea levels continue to rise as a result of climate change.

What a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

So what are we going to do about it? The County Council do their best but have very limited resources. Local residents organise litter picks but we are not even scratching the surface.

There are no easy answers but, if nothing else, it is a sobering reminder that we have to do more to protect our precious and irreplaceable environment for current and future generations.”