“On occasion, I travel down Netherfield Lane on my bicycle, as it’s a short cut to work in Kegworth.

When they started roadworks for the East Midlands Hub, they closed the lane down.

At the time, there was a bit of fly tipping and I would contact the Leicestershire County council to report it. They would clear it away after a week or so.

After about six months, the lane was re-opened and I went down there to go to work as before. I could not believe my eyes. The fly-tipping had become out of control. It was everywhere along the lane. I had to be careful where I was cycling because there were, amongst other things, asbestos sheets lying around.

There were bags and bags of general rubbish which were ripped and spread all over the place, three sofas, fridges, tyres, garden rubbish, tarpaulin sheets, beds, timber, plaster boards, several mattresses, window frames, glass, hardcore, bread trays and even two brown wheelie bins!

This went on for about a quarter of a mile. I have never seen anything as bad as this before. It has now been called the worst street in Britain for fly-tipping.”