“One of my most memorable cases was a takeaway in the Borough called Golden Dragon which I received a complaint about from a consumer.

The premises had been trading for at least a month and was not registered or inspected. On an evening visit I managed to gain entry through shutters as moped delivery drivers were leaving with food.

What I found was the worst case I have dealt with in my career. A business operated in the back of a closed takeaway only delivering through online sales. Completely under the radar from us regulators, thereby resulting in no public health protection for the consumer.

What I found was cockroaches, mice droppings, cooking equipment covered in grease, food left to cool in the open next to bags of rubbish, stalactites of grease dripping from the extraction above the wok burner and cookers, filthy equipment, and employees with no training or management, or even basic knowledge of food hygiene.

At the time of my visit food was constantly leaving the kitchen on its way to consumers who had no comprehension of the environment it was being produced and handled in.”

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“We were a typical family working hard and trying to bring up a young family, when tragically we lost our 6 year old daughter Joanna after she ate contaminated meat which contained the deadly bacterium E.coli O157.”


“”I was diagnosed in October of last year as having anaphylaxis to nuts, peanuts and some fruits, so this is all quite new to me.”


“I contracted E.coli O157 at 10 years old from infected meat in my school dinner.”

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