New polling from YouGov, published today by Unchecked UK, shows that Welsh voters from across the political spectrum are strongly supportive of well-enforced regulations, and value them for the role they play in keeping society running smoothly, in providing a level playing field for businesses, and in protecting their families.

The polling is the latest in a series conducted by Unchecked to test the views of voters in bellwether seats across the UK, with a particular focus on former ‘Red Wall’ seats, and those in which a majority of voters voted for the UK to leave the EU in 2016’s referendum.

This most recent poll reveals that a majority of voters of all political persuasions back maintaining or increasing regulation in a number of key areas. Dispelling myths around ‘regulation-shy’ Brexit voters, the polling also shows that Welsh leave and remain voters alike back strong, common-sense regulations.

The polling shows:

  • 70% of Welsh voters want more regulation of large businesses, or to see current levels maintained, with just 4% expressing a desire that large businesses be regulated less.
  • Welsh voters support keeping or strengthening EU-derived rules, such as protections for habitats and wildlife, food safety and cleanliness standards, workplace health and safety protections, and regulations on the production and use of chemicals.
  • Support for regulations is high among both leave voters and remain voters. 78% of Leave voters, for example, think that the UK government should strengthen or keep health and safety rules, and 86% think that protections for wildlife and habitats should be strengthened or maintained.
  • Welsh voters of all age groups, and from all regions, identify most strongly with statements which portray regulations in a positive light. The statement which resonated most strongly with respondents likened regulations to “society’s ‘immune system’”.
  • Three quarters of Welsh voters would like to see workplace health and safety regulations maintained or strengthened.

Emma Rose, Director, Unchecked UK, said:

“At Unchecked, we think strong protections for people and the environment, properly resourced public bodies, and fair enforcement of the rules are the foundations of a decent society. Our polling consistently shows that voters across the political spectrum agree with us.

“As the UK embarks on trade negotiations with countries around the world, there is a risk of a race to the bottom on standards. But as we approach elections across the UK in May, it’s clear maintaining and strengthening public standards is not only the right thing for political parties to do – it’s also the popular thing.”