In the run up to the May 2021 Senedd elections, we campaigned to put common-sense protections and standards on Wales’ political map. Together with hundreds of our supporters, we demonstrated that people in Wales want their politicians to stand up for Wales’ strong standards, to protect people, jobs, food and the environment. Here’s what we achieved:

  • In February 2021, our Safeguarding Standards report highlighted the risk of Wales’ standards being undermined, and showed how budget cuts to key regulators were undermining the ability to enforce rules and standards.
  • Along with coverage of the report in the Western Mail, an op-ed by our director Emma Rose made the case for strengthening public standards in Wales. We were joined by civil society organisations across Wales in a joint letter calling for standards to be strengthened and maintained.
  • In March, our polling with YouGov found strong support for regulations and standards across Wales, among voters of all political persuasions.
  • Hundreds of our supporters left messages telling us why they wanted strong standards in Wales, and took our online action to email their Senedd candidates and asking if they will pledge to stand up for Welsh standards.
  • Candidates from all major political parties in Wales signed Unchecked UK’s pledge, committing to stand up for strong standards in Wales.

Now, with the elections over, this part of our campaign has come to a close. We’re building on its success and continuing to build relationships and put pressure on politicians to make sure Welsh food, Welsh workplaces and the Welsh environment are safe and well-protected.

Join the campaign for updates, and to hear about more ways to get involved.