A response to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s letter “I want Sun readers to write to me and tell me of ANY petty old EU regulation that should be abolished | The Sun”

Dear Sun Reader,

Imagine a world where water companies can pump sewage into our rivers? Imagine a world where anonymous companies can sell dangerous products online? Or where young girls put themselves through cosmetic surgery without their parents’ consent? Imagine a world where upon moving into a new house you discover it’s been built with the same materials that caused the Grenfell Tower to rage in flames?

None of these take much imagination, do they? They are but a handful of scandals we have learnt about in recent months. Indeed, they have been reported on these very pages.  And the saddest part is that all could’ve been prevented. None of them were inevitable. Had strong rules been in place, that is.

In recent months, experts and industry bodies have published data to show that weak regulations are a growing problem in the UK. At the same time, survey after survey tells us that Brits want more rather than less protection.

For if there’s one thing that British people understand it is that without these rules in place, standards will inevitably drop. Profits will take precedent over what is good for us. It’s simply common sense.

We also understand that rules won’t be followed if they’re not enforced. Unfortunately, that’s becoming an increasingly common reality in the UK today. Enforcers are cash strapped like never before. Rule breakers, from commercial fly tippers to major water companies, can get away with it simply because they can out-resource them.

We all aspire to live in a cleaner, safer and fairer country. Sun readers are the first to know that getting rid of the rules is not the way to get there.

Rules are what made Britain great, and they will be what allows Britain to be better in the future.


Unchecked UK

Phoebe Clay is co-Director of Unchecked UK